I DO NOT see where anyone has said we should not read other theologians - even ones we DO NOT fully agree with. I can assure you that I have. However, there are levels of trust. You quoted Frame because you have a level of trust (agreement) concerning what he wrote - but you did NOT quote every authority on the topic (but Frame does quote several others, et. al.). You choose one author -  because of a level a trust.

Narrative theologians do have truths we can glean from - again, I DO NOT see where anyone has said otherwise. We even have some GREAT narrative theology on IIIM (i.e. Paradise and Perdition, et. al.). Thus, the issue is not the type communication or media used to communicate, but what the author is communicating. What is the theology BEHIND the narrative? And to know this you need to know the theology of the author, et. al. As in reading any other type of media judgments need to be made, evaluated, and ...

In Christ,
5 Solas