Perisseuo wrote:
William Hendriksen writes an interesting article counteracting the claims that the creation of the Israel state in 1948 is fulfilling prophecy. I do not disagree with him, but I wonder this. Do most say that it was a fulfillment of prophecy or do most say it may be the fulfillment of prophecy? I know there are some on the fringe who argues for the former, but doesn't most take the latter.

I believe WH stated, "It is a rather common belief among Christians of various faiths that the recent return of many Jews to Palestine and their establishment as an independent state May 14, 1948, is a fulfillment of prophecy." I think "rather common" is a good phrase even today - years after the WH article was authored. R. Scott Clark (WTS) in his article, "The Israel of God" recently stated, "It is also an article of faith among many Premillennialists that the creation of a modern Israeli state, in Palestine in 1948, is a providential confirmation of their claim that the Jews are God's earthly, national people ..." I have read of scholars on many sides of the issue - (1) Mohler, DOES NOT fulfill, (2) P. Paterson DOES fulfill and (3) Craig Blaising MAY fulfill...., et. al.

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