Interesting observations. I'm not sure we can lay down specifics. I was unequally yoked to a church for a while teaching the pastor/elders Reformed theology. In general the church was Arminain and did not understand the "faith once delivered to the saints." After some conversations with the pastor, my wife and I visited the church weekly for months. I critiqued the pastor's sermons, their theology on the web, etc. The pastor and I met for 2-4 hours per week - basically him learning reformed theology. Though I still would be hesitant in calling this a Reformed church (there is more than the 5 points to be considered Reformed) - it is now more reformed than when I first visited it (4 out of 5 ….of course if 1 goes then …., but most here have had this conversation before).

Was this wrong for me to do? I do not think so [I consider them believers], but it is sort of like missionary dating thus ….?

In Christ,
5 Solas
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