Thank you for your time. I have other thoughts on the subject, but I get the impression that you would prefer to end the exchange. Before closing my end however, I would like to say that my view of the the magistrate is certainly agreeable to Calvin's, Knox's, Turretin's, Rutherford's, Gillespie's and many other respected doctors in the Reformed faith. These are hardly fountains of novelty or heterodoxy. It is disappointing to me that you dismiss my argument by simply labeling it theonomy or Bashen-like, without actually addressing the brief and simple points I cited. No doubt, Hodge, Dabney and many others oppose the view of the Reformers in this regard. I've simply asked for a Biblical defense for this opposition.

Not wanting to force an undesired conversation, I'll leave the matter there unless you care to discuss it further -which I would happily do.

Thanks again for your time.

Jeff Rojan